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About Mug Oddities

Before the pandemic struck, I eagerly attended every special effects workshop I could. But as closures set in, the reality of isolation and the strains of night-shift work in healthcare weighed heavily on me. Amidst this, my spouse and I yearned to start a family. Sadly, news of infertility and the loss of a dear one to Covid added to our challenges. To distract myself, I turned to painting and entered a Halloween pumpkin competition. The thrill of winning my category lifted my spirits. Among the prizes was a sample of Cosclay, a polymer clay I had yet to explore.


One night, fueled by my 4th cup of coffee in a Jack Skellington mug, inspiration struck. I began sculpting on basic mugs, starting with a gruesome Yeti and an evil Elf. The joy I felt with each creation spurred me to sculpt more. Family and friends, upon seeing photos of my new endeavor, began requesting custom pieces. I embraced the challenge, crafting one-of-a-kind creations for clients.


The desire for children reminded me of Victor Frankenstein's yearning for his own creation. As I pondered this concept during my night shifts, I experimented with resin and polymer clay, crafting intricate resin eyes—a core element in my "children," which defied nature's course. Embracing my nocturnal nature, I searched for a fitting name for my creations. And then it came to me—the Nocturnals, my beautiful monsters, my children.

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"Make every interaction count even the small ones. They are all relevant. "

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