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About Mug Oddities

Before the pandemic hit, I was taking every workshop I could for special effects but when things started closing, it started to become a reality of not being able to really be outdoors and even have any human contact. Plus working the night shift in healthcare started to become even more stressful and tiresome. During this time my spouse and I decided we really wanted to start a family but sadly we got news of infertility issues and were hit with the loss of an important figure in my life to Covid.

I started painting to get my mind off things and entered a pumpkin competition during Halloween. I was so excited I won my category. Among the prizes, I received a sample of Cosclay. Never really worked with polymer clay, I began my research on this new material. One night while I was drinking my 4th cup of coffee which was in a Jack Skellington mug.


The idea hit me. 


I started buying basic mugs and just started sculpting on them. My first piece was a gruesome Yeti and then an evil Elf. I was so proud of what I made that I started to create more. I began to get messages from some family and friends who would see photos of my new endeavor and started asking for custom pieces. I decided to take the challenge. I ended up making one-kind pieces for clients. After making custom pieces I knew that I wanted something more. 


The idea of having my child made me think so much of the classic movie Frankenstein. I started to feel like I was Victor Frankenstein. I wanted children of my own. I played with this concept as I worked the night shift. I decided to go a step further and combine resin with polymer clay and started creating resin eyes. This would be the core piece to the making of my children but in the way that it almost went against nature. A night owl during this period I tried to find a name for my beautiful monsters. And it was then that I found the perfect name. The Nocturnals, my creations, my children. 

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"Make every interaction count even the small ones. They are all relevant. "

Photography by: Tiana Correa

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