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Potion Making Workshop

Ignite your imagination and infuse your spell craft with this freshly creative approach to potion making and practical effects.  Rediscover the lost art of blending colors herbs and liquids to create magical brews. Let me inspire you to create things from your favorite films to create a more magical life. 

There's a witch in us all and sometimes we conjure things in our everyday life without noticing. Early morning brews to help us arise, blending essential oils to calm us for a nice warm bath or even tossing ingredients in a stew to fill our bellies up. 


The Power of Elevating your Craft

Potion making will help you learn to draw your own experiences and creative energy to blend potions from scratch.  During this process you can decide the direction of how you want to create your potions. Potion making is about capturing the essence of those everyday practices and making them magical experiences. We watch magical things in films and this tradition has dated back thousands of years around the world.  This will be your opportunity to harness this powerful energy of creativity to create a richer, more ethereal life. 

This 1–2-hour potion making session will provide a kit with your custom-made bottles that include the ingredients to conjure your potion.  

Group of 10 or More 

Book 2-3 weeks in advance to have kits prepared. 

Theme Parties 10 or More

Book a month in advance If you want a specific theme to your potions make sure to email me with specific details.

Please email me for commissions that include bulk orders.  

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