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Stephanie Sandoval

Hola! I’m Stephanie Sandoval, better known as Ehhsteph. I am passionate about creating peculiar mugs,  exhibiting special effects, and my Peruvian culture through my creations.

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About Me

I have been interested in the world of arts, music and films my entire life. I began creating at a very young age. The real fascination with horror began when I was 3 years old when my parents accidently took me to see Child's Play.  There was an intrigue with the world of practical effects and make believe. The moment I started drawing I started with eyes and repeatedly used it in most of my sketches.  I was fascinated with the way the human eye looked and the variety of colors each lens would create. The idea of seeing so much beauty from something so small would open my eyes to a new realm of creativity. That being the world of film and music videos would take over my creative attention almost every moment.  The fascination with all the variety of effects used in so many forms, was part of the reason why I liked to build or create things myself. It was moments like the release of Michael Jackson's "Thriller " that spotlighted special effects artist Rick Baker that would conjure monstruous ideas, the infinite imagination of the great Jim Henson let me continue to still be a kid at heart and the dark twisted imagination of Tim Burton would linger a new creative tone in my life. All of these inspiration help mold me to the artist I have become. 

I studied visual communication at Gibbs college in Farmington, CT for a brief moment during that time I explored styles in art like sculpting, graphic design, painting, drawing and even videography. I was able to embark in a small business called Rejecks for almost 14 years that was able to bring a graphic tee apparel and my very own comic book with co-partner Chad Milling.
I was involved in the community of artists close to home that showed me a new world of techniques, styles, and social awareness. I took appreciation at every form of art that was introduced to me. I took what I was able to learn and provide graphic design help for a few local businesses and artists.  Most recently I was able to take the leap and learn from special effects artist Tyler Green at all his special effects workshops that specialized in sculpting, injury SPFx, prosthetic application, airbrushing, beginner/ advanced for character design, and application techniques.  I was able to receive my certificate of achievement for each course he provided. 


I was able to take my experiences and apply my creature making onto mugs that branched into Mug Oddities. The name allows me to create mugs that don't look like the normal mugs being sold in stores. Horror was the primary source of inspiration to create these creatures.  The mug is manipulated and handcrafted from the initial design down to the resin eyes and bloody teeth. 

I presently have some mugs available at Rock City Tattoo Company in Rockville, CT where they will be sold for a limited time.  Stay tuned for upcoming events where I will be selling these in person. 


Character Portfolio

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