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Mug Extraordinaire: Are you ready?

Welcome to My World


It's very exciting to finally be able to start a blog, to share all of the new work that's is being done, upcoming events, and behind the scene goodness. As we know, this past couple years have changed for so many of us. During these tumultuous times I was able to find myself as an artist, and finally release my one-of-kind mugs. Also, before we get into it, I am no writer, and my grammar isn't always the best so I apologize now if it's not the best.

You really start to see a change in yourself when you're able to connect to all of your pieces. You find that each mug becomes a little piece of every emotion during your journey. After a couple of years of diving into special effects, I was so grateful to be able to learn things that I never imagined as a kid. I knew becoming a special effects artist would be a big leap and not the road I wanted to take. With everything that I was able to learn I really wanted to utilize these experience to create something.

I am a part-time artist who does have a "nine to five" gig but deep down I hope that I can finally take a bigger leap and make this my full- time job. It definitely is scary to imagine myself doing this without the comfort of knowing that I'll have financial security but that comes with the leap and letting the universe run its course. Will see what happens!

I do have a few exciting opportunities that are happening for myself and the future of my mugs. I will be sharing news very soon. As for now I will continue to create and love what I am doing.



So, I hope you all keep up with me and all the news things that are coming.

Plus if you took the time to explore my page, I would love to know which mug is your favorite.

I am curious to see which one captures your attention.

If you're interested in buying a mug. Make sure to email me.

And don't forget to leave me a comment.

Stay weird my loves.

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